About Unedited Photos

Let’s talk about unedited photos! Here’s what WeddingBee.com has to say: [CLICK HERE]

Why do you offer unedited photos unlike other wedding photographers?

And what does unedited mean?

We believe you should choose the best photos from your wedding, not your photographer.

Other wedding photographers only show you the best photos, we give you ALL of your photos. What does this mean? Well not every photo we show you will be perfect. Some may be duplicates or the flash may have misfired or a flower girl is making a face. And sometimes those imperfect photos are perfect because they show the people you love. Your little flower girl sticks out her tongue in some of the formal photos. Maybe that’s not the photo you will frame, but I bet you will love it because you love that funny face.
Unedited photos means two things:

1. You receive all of your wedding images, not just the ones your photographer likes.

2. Your photos are unprocessed.

What is unprocessed?

Your images will be straight of the camera with no post processing, no Photoshop.

Most of us don’t process our personal snapshots but they still look good because print labs automatically correct our images.

Our photographers use professional equipment that beautifully captures your wedding images.

More importantly, our photographers know how to get the photo right in the camera so it doesn’t need a lot of Photoshop.

Yes, photo editing software can be used to save a “bad” photo, for example if it’s underexposed or overexposed. Isn’t it better to expose the photo perfectly instead? We think so.

If you’d like to see a gallery of unedited photos, just let us know. We are happy to send you a link!

What if we’d like you to edit our photos?

We now offer edited photo packages. You can also choose to have just a few photos retouched.