1. How many photos will we get?

ALL of them! You will receive at least 100 photos per hour.


2. When do I get my photos if I have a package with 4 or more hours?

On your wedding day – YES, that fast. No waiting for weeks or months to hear back from your wedding photographer.

3. When do I get my photos if I have a package with only 2 or 3 hours?

You will receive your images digitally in ten days or less.

4. Do we have to buy our prints from you for an extra charge?

No. Although we can set up an online gallery where you can purchase affordable and beautiful professional prints, we don’t believe you have to pay us more money in order to get your photos. You can print your photos at your favorite lab. Don’t have a lab? We can always recommend a few.

5. What does unedited mean?

Here’s a detailed explanation.

6. How many weddings have you photographed?

Our photographers have years of experience, photographing hundreds of weddings.

7. What type of equipment do you use?

We only use professional equipment and we always have back-up equipment.

8. What happens if the photographer is ill?

We will ask another one of our awesome photographers to cover your wedding.

9. How come you’re much cheaper than other professional photographers?

We can provide you with affordable wedding photography because we offer all of our services à la carte.

10. Can I customize a package based on my needs? What if I’d like engagement photos?

Yes, you can customize your package. You can even add engagement photos.

11. What is the tax? How come other photographers don’t charge tax?

The tax is Los Angeles sales tax like you get charged for purchases in a store. Currently the rate is 9.25%. Legally, all photographers giving you a product have to collect sales tax. If you buy products and do not pay sales tax, you are responsible for paying it when you file state income tax.

We don’t know why other photographers don’t charge tax. We only know that we run our business professionally and legally. We are not a fly-by-night photo company that will get closed down by the government for not paying taxes or simply disappear.

12. Will you match a cheaper photographer’s price?

Although we are happy to offer a customized quote, our dedication to quality budget wedding photos means we do not price match. We do not consider ourselves cheap, just affordable. What does that mean?

That means all of our photographers are professionals with years of experience and pro photography equipment. That means we don’t cancel your wedding just because someone else offered us more money. (That happens more often than you think. In fact, we have had clients whose photographers had cancelled.)

We offer the best photos for the best price.

13. How much is your deposit? Do you offer a payment plan?

The deposit amount is different for every package, about 50% of the total. We do offer payment plans.

14. What can I do to look good in my photos?

We always recommend at least 30 minutes for the photos of the bride and groom away from your other guests. This gives us a chance to take photos from different angles and for different looks.


15. Should we do a “first look”?

We highly recommend a first look if your ceremony is late in the day. In order to take the best photos, we prefer to start posed photos at least 90 minutes before sunset.